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Aimee Molineaux


Aimee Molineaux
RD, LD/ N, CNSC | Registered Dietitian | Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition | Orlando | Nemours Children's Health System

Aimee Molineaux


Hello! Thank you for visiting our page and learning more about our new exciting research study regarding the FREoE diet.

My name is Aimee Molineaux. I have been a registered dietitian for eleven years. In that time, I worked for the state as a WIC dietitian and provided nutrition education for pregnant women. In the last seven years, I have worked at Nemours Children's Hospital, four years have been exclusive and dedicated to Gastroenterology nutrition. During this time, I have had the great pleasure of focusing my work on GI medical conditions that offer diet as a treatment option such as Eosinophilic Esophagitis and other Gastro-intestinal diseases.

No one knows exactly why some foods trigger a reaction. Understanding why Eosinophilic Esophagitis develops and what triggers a patient to react is an essential area of research that is important to me. More definitive scientific evidence to treat and prevent disease is needed. For this reason, I feel passionate about helping children through the FREoE study so they can identify their food triggers and lessen their fears about how their body will react if they eat a particular food.

I find it a great sense of fulfillment to be able to help a family find food that is tasty, and, most importantly, safe for their child to eat, all while maximizing their nutrition. I work closely with families to find "child approved" recipes and to implement the right strategy to better manage a diet like the FREoE diet.

I enjoy cooking and exploring new foods with my kids and husband and the nutrition and health of my 4-year-old twins, as well as that of my patients, is essential to me. My nutrition philosophy is to nourish your body with "real" wholesome food ingredients.

I look forward to helping your child achieve better health through the FREoE diet.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to having you join us in this exciting study!

  • Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL- Bachelor of Sciences in Dietetics
  • Licensed Dietitian- State of Florida- October 2008- Present ( #ND 5430)
  • Registered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration-10-08-08 to present
  • Dietetic Internship Pasco County Health Department, Jacksonville, FL, August 2007 to April 2008
  • Attendee of RD learning Institute for 3 years on allergy nutrition (through Nutricia)
  • Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian
  • Pediatrics
  • GI/Allergy


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