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Spotlight On

Beth C. Long


PsyD | Chief, Division of Behavioral Health, Department of Pediatrics | Orlando | Nemours Children's Health System

Beth C. Long


My name is Beth Long, and I am a Pediatric Psychologist who has specialized in working with children and families with acute and chronic illnesses. My passion is caring for children in the inpatient setting, providing consultation-liaison services.

After completing my 2-year fellowship in Pediatric Psychology, I joined the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutrition Program at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin where I worked on the multidisciplinary feeding team for 9 years. Our team consisted of a gastroenterologist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, nutritionist, nursing, and psychology. The multidisciplinary team conducted initial evaluations to determine appropriate treatment planning that initially consisted of outpatient intervention with the option of an intensive 2-week inpatient feeding program if the outpatient intervention was not successful. We worked with a full spectrum of diagnoses ranging from anxiety, phobia related to a traumatic oral event, EOE to very complicated medical presentations. I was fortunate to work with one of the top EOE gastroenterologists in the country and learned about a disease that is unknown to most. I was fascinated to see that even young infants quickly learned to protect themselves from pain/discomfort that was not visible to others and, often, a fear/anxiety that developed due to this invisible, at least outwardly, disease. Throughout my time in this program, it became apparent that there were children who would benefit from an intensive intervention that did not require inpatient hospitalization. Therefore, I created an outpatient, intensive feeding program, which allowed children and their caregivers to meet their goals in regards to feeding without inpatient hospitalization. This program allowed for intensive feeding intervention in the form of three outpatient meals per day where psychology was initially feeding with parents observing every meal behind a 1 way mirror and then ultimately transitioning into the role of feeder, with psychology coaching remotely via a "bug in the ear."

In 2014, I joined Nemours and continued to work closely with Gastroenterology and assisted with creating a multidisciplinary feeding team consisting of GI, nutrition, speech, and OT. Finding multidisciplinary feeding teams that are familiar with diagnoses such as EOE can often be quite challenging for families. Many of the patients coming to Nemours have sought out assessment and intervention without successfully moving forward with feeding goals, such as advancement of diet. Therefore, it has been very rewarding to be able to assist these families that have traveled throughout the state, out of state, and even underwent intensive intervention without meeting their goals.

I enjoy working with children and families with feeding difficulties because the change that can occur in regards to being able to feed your child or eat with and like your peers, things that often seem so easy or taken for granted by others, is immeasurably rewarding.


  • 08/1992 – 05/1995 University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI
  • 09/1995 – 05/1996 B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
  • 09/1997 – 06/1999 M.A., Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL
  • 09/1999 – 06/2003 Psy.D., Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL

Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments:

  • 07/1999 – 06/2000 Practica, Pediatric Psychology, Northwestern University/Shriners Hospital Chicago, IL
  • 07/2000 – 06/2001 Practica, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Cook County Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • 08/2001 – 08/2002 Internship, Child and Adolescent Psychology, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO
  • 09/2003 – 08/2005 Fellowship, Pediatric Psychology, Marshfield Clinic/St Joseph Children’s Hospital, Marshfield, WI
  • Behavioral Health
  • Psychology


Title: Impact of a Pediatric Multidisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program on

Internalizing Behavior Problems in Youth.

Role: Co-Investigator

Dates: 11/2016 – Present

Title: Biofeedback for Rumination Syndrome through High-Resolution Impedance Manometry

Role: Co-Investigator

Dates: 2017- present

Peer Review

Title: Project Quality of Life Study. “Project QOL”

Role: Research Project Coordinator

Dates: 09/2002 – 08/2003


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