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Spotlight On

Tanya Ruiz


RN BSN | Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition | Orlando | Nemours Children's Health System

Tanya Ruiz


Hello! My name is Tanya Ruiz. From as early as I can remember, I have always had a passion for helping those around me. Whether I knew them or not, I felt it was my calling to provide compassion and care in any way I could. When I moved from New York City to the Sunshine State in 2015, I continued to pursue my passion as a nurse.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the College of Staten Island. I have been a practicing nurse for eight years. My nursing career path has allowed me extensive knowledge in the areas of Allergy and Immunology, Biologic Infusions, Public and Occupational Health and Gastroenterology.

Over the last three years, I have applied what I learned into my current role as a Gastroenterology nurse at Nemours Children's Hospital. I provide family education on gastrostomy tubes, enteral feedings, Biologics for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and treatment plans for Eosinophilic Esophagitis. In conjunction with my clinical duties, I help our Gastroenterologists with the placement of Impedance/pH Reflux probes during upper endoscopy procedures. In 2019, I was provided the opportunity to train at Colorado Children's Hospital for a procedure called Transnasal Esophagoscopy. Now I will be assisting Dr. Franciosi with Transnasal Esophagoscopy procedures at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

My approach when working with families is to provide holistic care. Sometimes families just need someone to talk about what is going on with their child, and I'm happy to be that person. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

I look forward to working with you!

  • Chamberlain School of Nursing- Chicago, IL- Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing
  • College of Staten Island- Staten Island, NY - Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Trans Nasal Endoscopy
  • Nasal & Gastrostomy Tubes
  • Nasal Catheter Impedance Probe
  • Biologic Education Infusions



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